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Friday, October 14, 2011

ANUBIS 2011, autumn monitoring stage of the golden jackal species in Romania

On 22th of October 2011 will start the 4th action from the preliminaries for the "Biodiversity and human activities in relation with golden jackal" RoJack BIOTUR project. To follow the evolution of the jackal specific systems and to study the interspecific relationships and population ecology during 2011-2015 period in natural areas from Romania are the main objectives of this project.
Green Guard Environmental Control Corp of Youth NGO Crispus Sibiu purposed the strategy and organized the entire period of the initial studies, since 2002. During Anubis 2011 Autumn Stage, Green Guard Sibiu will transfer and present the project to the Association for Sustainable Management of Wildlife BIOTUR which will mannage the new project in collaboration with the National Service of Hunting and Aquaculture from Romanian Forest Department ROMSILVA.

ANUBIS 2011 will start in Timis county with specific activities of monitoring and will continue in Giurgiu county with activities in the calling stations set in the previous stages.

On day 26th will take place


“Study of the golden jackal populations. European concerns”

ITALY, Luca Lapini (Italian situation. Jackal biology, tools for studies) (REPR)

HUNGARY, Laszlo Szabo (Hungarian situation. Jackals and agrosystems) (REPR)

CZECH REPUBLIC, Martin Salek & Jaroslav Cervinka (Czech Republic situation. Fragmentation of habitat as method of study in applied ecology)

SLOVENIA, Miha Krofel (Croatian and Slovenian situation. Studies. Canis mesomelas experience in Namibian Desert)

ROMANIA, Ovidiu Banea & Petre Gargarea (Romanian situation. Study proposal. Biodiversity and human activities in relation with the golden jackal)

GREECE, Giorgos Giannatos (Acoustic monitoring technique. How become the golden jackal a threatened species in Greece. Projects around Europe) (25th OCT )

SERBIA, Dusko Cirovic (Serbian situation, diet and genetic studies) (23rd OCT)

ANUBIS 2011 will continue on Calarasi cinegetic terrains and then in the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve where the international team will check the actual distribution of the golden jackal species on the maritimal levees.

Association for Sustainable Management of Wildlife BIOTUR

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