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Sunday, June 3, 2012

WANAX II, summer stage

WANAX II, summer stage (Danube Delta and Bulgaria)

Between 16.06 -22.06.2012 will take place summer stage of jackal´s sites observations in Danube Delta (Romania), Toundja River (Bulgaria), Strandja mountains (Bulgaria), entitled WANAX II, following last summer survey and monitoring WANAX 2011.
Depending on time we can evaluate habitats near Edirne (Turkey) and Nestos province (Greece) where highest densities for Europe were found by our collegue Environmental Ecologist Giorgos Giannatos during the last decade.

To evaluate the form and the team for the project proposal, LIFE deadline sept 2012, before this date (40-50 days from now) we will present 2 forms of project  (LIFE form and general one).
We will get serious contact (partnerships) with Museum of Natural History Gr Antipa in Bucharest , Romanian Forest Department ROMSILVA and  Danube Delta  Biosphere Reserve Administration.
In Elkhovo, Yambol county of Bulgaria we will check data collected with IR camera set on GOJAGE 1 broader activities, April 2012 and report done by our collegues from Wild Bulgaria NGO

Start day 15.06.2012 from Sibiu (19:00H), from Barcelona (21:00H) Meeting place (Bucharest airport Otopeni) 16.06.2012 at 0:30H a.m. 
Meeting date and START 16th of June 2012, 07:00 am from BUCHAREST

Danube Delta: 16.06 -19.06.2012, we will follow  the route proposed in 2010
Yambol, Hashkovo counties (Bulgaria) 19.06-20.06
Edirne region (Toundja effluent to Maritza) (Turkey)
Nestos Province (Greece): 21.06.2012
Departure (Ending): 22.06.2012

Crispus NGO Sibiu, Environmental Control Body Green Guard