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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Jackal in Belarus

At the beginning of 2012, jackal was reported on West Belarus, near Tomasouka (Brestkaya Voblasts’), near the border with Poland (Lubelskie) and Ukraine (Volins’ka Oblast). This site is located near Pulemenske Lake.

Record of C.aureus in West Belarus, Dzedzich 7.01.2012

Belarus has in total a number of 13 Ramsar wetlands. In the recent time Belarus received Ramsar status for four wetlands, the last, Vigonoshchanskoe included on 16/01/2013.
This wetland is part of Brest Region, area where the jackal was recorded in January 2012. Its surface is 54,182 ha; 52°42'N 25°40'E. Profile is National Landscape Reserve; Important Bird Area; Habitat/Species Management Area.
Include a large forest-wetland complex situated at the watershed of river basins of the Black and Baltic seas. This are, a slightly transformed by economic and recreational activities, is of great importance for the conservation of plant and animal species as well as for the protection of the whole natural complex of Belarusian Polesie. There are two large lakes on the territory as well as rivers, canals, floodplains and open marsh areas, including waterlogged forests, fens, transitional and raised bogs. The core of the Site is Lake Vygonoshchanskoe. The site plays a key role in maintaining the hydrological regime in the region and feeding the River Shchara, one of the River Neman's largest tributaries.
In 2011, the Great Gray Owl Strix nebulosa, rare species in Belarus had a strange behavior, it was reported that the offspring’s were missing during spring survey. It is known that mice represent the base food of the Great Gray Owl and that they are very sensitive when the prey is scarce, and the offspring’s may be affected.
The challenge is now to check wetlands near Pulemenske Lake West Belarus, Vitebsk and Smolensk Nature Reserves to check if possible clusters of the golden jackal exists in those habitats.

Ovidiu C. Banea, Environmental Ecologist
Ecology Department, NGOCrispus Sibiu
Golden Jackal Informal Study Group in Europe GOJAGE