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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

OLBIA 2013, Wildlife Survey in jackal ecological systems UKRAINE

After difficult organization and delayed of others 2013 Agenda Issues as MINOR 2013 (NE Turkey, Artvin Province) or WEST 2013 (West Polesia Belarus), Crispus NGO Sibiu Romania and Biosphere Athens Greece will organize "OLBIA 2013 Wildlife survey in Wetlands of Ukraine" during 19-24.09.2013 period.

The main objectives of OLBIA 2013 are:
1) To involve Ukrainian wetlands mammal Specialists and Large Carnivores specialists into broader studies on jackal specific ecological systems, which are scheduled by Golden Jackal Informal Study Group in Europe GOJAGE ( 
2) To find more insight on jackal movement patterns in Central Geographic Europe. The team will try to perform bioacoustic monitoring to jackal species in South Odessa Oblast and Lvov Oblas NW Ukraine. During the staying of the group on NW Ukraine part of the team will enter in Belarus Brest County to try of finding Mr Nicholas Kar.. to a better investigation in jackal ecology or report on local data.

Dr Igor Zagorodniuk helped us in finding researchers studying medium sized mammal in wetlands. Thank you. The proposal can be see on the C. aureus  and GOJAGE sites.

The OLBIA 2013 TEAM will meet
Dr. Mykola Rozhenko, Odessa University on 20th of September
Dr. Vasyl Prydatko, Biodiversity Modelling, Kiev on 21st of September
Dr. Sergey Zhyla director of the Polissian Natural Reserves
First representative mammal specialist of GOJAGE in Ukraine is Dr Igor Zagorodniuk.

In SW Brest Province of BELARUS, we will try to localize authorities in Environmental Protection of Timoshovka locality. Here a jackal specimen was removed on the beginning of the last year (January 2012).
Colleagues in Belarus which helped this wildlife survey in W Polesia are Dr Viktor Demianchik (wetlands medium and large mammal specialist) and Valery Dombrovski (APB Birlife Belarus).

Jackal species was recently observed and reported in at least 10 provinces of Ukraine (Dr Igor Zagorodniuk, personal comm 2013). OBLIA 2013 TEAM pretend to demonstrate by bioacoustic stimulation monitoring reproductive groups in Southern Odessa Oblast near Dnieper Delta and in W Polesia, NW Ukraine.